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San Antonio Airport

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About San Antonio Airport (SAT)

Airport Parking San Antonio

San Antonio Airport

9800 Airport Boulevard

San Antonio, TX 78216.

General Telephone: 1 (210) 207-3433

Telephone Parking Service: 1 (210) 207-3465

Parking at San Antonio Airport Charge up to $24./day

Terminal Parking Garage is Hourly Rate Parking
If you are interested in covered parking and a brief walk to the terminal,
park in the Short-term Parking Garage. It is located directly across from the
terminal building in the garage. The first 15 minutes are FREE, if you would like
to park and come into the terminal to meet your friends or family when they arrive
or make sure they get where they need to be when they are leaving.
Daily Maximum: $24.
Max Headroom: 7'6"

Terminal Parking Lot
Across from Terminal B. First come first served.
Daily Maximum: $24.
To to leave your vehicle longer than 30 days, please contact
the parking office at 1 (210) 207-3465

San Antonio Airport LongTerm Parking Garage

Enter on Airport Blvd. Oversized vehicles enter and follow signs for
Oversized Vehicles. Use outdoor parking lot around back.
Daily Maximum: $10.

Max Headroom: 11'6"
Cell Phone Waiting Lot:
Take advantage of the FREE Cell Phone Waiting Lot located one block off the 410
at the corner of Airport and Northern Blvds. No need to circle around the airport.
Stop, park and wait for your passenger for free. Once they arrive, make one loop
to the terminal to pick them up.

FREE WiFi connection!

Vehicles must be attended at all times. 79 spaces available for use 24 hours a day.

SAT is sort of Handicapped Traveler Friendly! Look for the designated spaces in each parking area.
If you have  a wheel chair lift type vehicle taller than 7'6" then you should use the open air long term parking
lot. Follow signs for Oversized Vehicles after entering the long term parking garage. Or use the Terminal Hourly Parking
open air lot. It's closer to the terminals but it costs $24./day. There is no parking shuttle service to or from
the terminals. The Friendly part: One DAY of FREE parking for those with a Blue Tag or Hanger.
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Other Parking Options

Courtyard San Antonio Airport
8615 Broadway, San Antonio TX 78217
Phone: (210) 828-7200

Thrifty Airport Parking SAT
8970 Crownhill Blvd., San Antonio TX 78217
Phone: (877) 283-0898

San Antonio Airport Long Term Parking
9800 Airport Blvd., San Antonio CA 78216
Phone: (210) 207-3465

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