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The most common problem is printing the coupons.

The page you are viewing IS the actual coupon. Use your normal print button on your computer,  which is Ctrl P or Command P. If the coupon still refuses to print, please let us know.

If the coupon prints, but runs off the page, check your page setup margins. The margins should be .25 left and right; .5 top and bottom in order to fit a whole page on a sheet of paper.

Does your printer support "smart web printing"? Turn it on... and your coupon will fit one page perfectly!

If your coupon prints "funny" just bring it in anyway. As long as most of the coupon is printed, it will be accepted.



Some of the discount rates are displayed in color. If your printer is out of color ink, print in grey scale. If that doesn't work, print the coupon and just write the amount on the coupon. The cashiers know the correct amount for each coupon.

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