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Minneapolis Saint Paul [MSP] Airport Parking Options
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Airport addresses:
Terminal 1-Lindbergh
4300 Glumack Drive
St. Paul, MN 55111

Terminal 2-Humphrey
7150 Humphrey Drive
Minneapolis, MN 55450

Airport Information:
1 (612)726-5555

Parking Information 1(877) 359-7275

Minneapolis St. Paul Airport Website

Parking at Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport runs up to $36./day

Terminal / Parking Map

Terminal 1 - Lindbergh
Covered General parking is available. General parking ramps are designed for visits of more than nine (9) hours. The
Green and Gold General parking ramps at the Lindbergh Terminal are connected to the terminal via enclosed skyways on Level 2. From the Red and Blue ramps, take the underground tram from Level T to the terminal.
Daily Maximum:

Terminal 2-Humphrey
MSP Value Parking at Terminal 2-Humphrey is connected to the Humphrey terminal via an enclosed skyway on Level 2 and to the Terminal 1-Lindbergh via light rail.
Daily Maximum:
Short Term Parking
Covered Short Term parking is available at both terminals.
Short Term parking is designed for visits of less than nine (9) hours.
Short Term facilities are connected to the terminals via the Tram Level at Terminal 1-Lindbergh and via a skyway at Terminal 2-Humphrey.
Daily Maximum:

Value Parking
Serves all terminals. The multi-level parking facility connects to Terminal 2-Humphrey via skyway and to Terminal 1-Lindbergh via light rail.
The MSP Value ramp is directly adjacent to the Humphrey Terminal light rail station, making transportation to the Lindbergh Terminal quick and easy.
Daily Maximum:
Valet Parking:
is designed to provide maximum service and convenience at a reasonable cost. Valet parking is only available at Terminal 1-Lindbergh.
For valet service, follow the inbound roadway past the exit to Short Term and General Parking and past the rental car return ramp. Follow the overhead directional signs and exit the inbound roadway to the left at the valet service entrance.
Daily Maximum:
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Height Restrictions and Special Vehicle Types
Oversized vehicle traffic and parking are restricted.
•Vehicle height clearances are signed 6 feet, 10 inches, or 7 feet in all MSP Value and General parking ramps. Short Term and parking for vans with disability parking permits (located in Short Term) is 8 feet, 2 inches.
•Airport roadway clearances are 11 feet, 8 inches.
•Motorcycle parking is prohibited in the airport's parking ramps.
•Bicycle racks are available at both terminals. Information about biking to either terminal is available from our Bike Access map.

Passengers with Mobility Restrictions
We want to make your trip as smooth as possible. For customers with mobility limitations, including families with small children and luggage, a courtesy inter-terminal Special Needs Shuttle is available as an alternative to light rail between terminals.
The van is equipped with a wheelchair lift. The free service is available daily from 6 am to 10 pm departing approximately every 20 minutes.
At Terminal 2-Humphrey, the shuttle picks up and drops off passengers on the ground level of the Purple parking ramp. At Terminal 1-Lindbergh, passengers are dropped off and picked up at the Ground Transportation Center one level up from Level T. Look for overhead signs directing you to "shuttles."

Cell Phone Waiting Lot: FREE

A complimentary 39-space cell phone lot also is available on Post Road, approximately half way between the terminals. Have your traveler call you when they've picked up their luggage and are exiting the terminal. Be sure to ask which terminal they are located at.

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